Why bring your child TO ECA?

1.) We are Christian Based.

With our ACE Curriculum, every subject incorporates the Bible and Christianity into it whether it is math, or english, or social studies. 

2.) We are a small school but a large family.

With around 70 students every student knows every student's name. Your child is not just a number here. 

3.) We have a low student-teacher ratio.

With a ratio of 1:10 we can pay close attention to your child's needs. 

4.) The ACE curriculum makes sure you master every subject. 

In some schools your child just moves along from grade to grade because they have a birthday, whether they have mastered the subject or not. At ECA, each subject is mastered. 

5.) We value education. 

Our teachers and staff are very dedicated in ensuring our children receive the best education. Our teachers hold multiple degrees and are enthusiastic about the role they play in enriching our students.