Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a bussing program?  At this time we do not offer a bussing program. Because our school is quite small, it is not feasible to provide a bussing service. 

Do you have a cafeteria? We have a commercial kitchen facility in the building but we do not offer cafeteria services. Occasionally, volunteer parents use the kitchen to provide hot lunches to our students.  Students have access to microwaves for lunch. 

Are you accredited with Alberta Education? We are fully accredited with Alberta Education and students can openly transfer from and to our school. 

Do you offer any discounts? Families that pay the full tuition up front automatically will receive a 10% discount on their child's regular tuition fee. 

Do you offer services for students with Autism?  We no longer offer services for students with Autism. We do not have the training, support, or the resources. However, we can provide recommendations.

Do you accept international students? We offer enrolment to students that are permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Do you have other locations other than Calgary east? At present, we only have our current Abbeydale location.